JM-B-6000B Rotary Machine Monitoring Protection Device
  • Product Name: JM-B-6000B Rotary Machine Monitoring Protection Device

System description

 JM-B-6000B rotary machine monitoring protection device provides continuous monitoring functions and is applicable to all industrial rotary machines. It adopts frame structure, can connect with many types of sensors (acceleration, velocity, displacement, eddy-current) and process sensor (flow, pressure, temperature, analog quantity) and performs real-time monitoring and protection of units or machines. It features strong expansion capability and compatibility, easy installation and various performances and advanced functions unparalleled by other systems. 

  This protection device is an intelligent system with configuration software and can perform configuration of monitoring parameters. The system features more stable and safer operation owing to redundant power source design.


System Componets

This monitoring system adopts intelligent module design.
• 6000B/05 Instrument Frame (Required)
It adopts panel mounting. The left-most card slot is specially designed for power source and framework interface, the right-most card slot is for the two relay modules, and the other card slots can be inserted with monitoring modules. All modules are inserted into theframe baseplate, and wiring is performed at the rear frame.
• 6000B/90 One or Two Power Sources (Required)
  6000B/90 is divided into AC and DC. The frame can use single power source. The redundant power source can be used when power interruption is not allowed. They are installed at the upper and lower part of the left-most card slot respectively. The redundant power source can adopt different types of voltage source. Each power source can be applied to power supply for the whole frame and modules.
• 6000B/02SFramework Interface Module(Required)
  The framework interface module is the major interface of 6000B frame, configuration, display and condition monitoring software. One framework interface module is required to be installed at a special slot close to the power module. The framework interface module supports MODBUScommunication protocol, realizing data communication between 6000B and other systems. 

Meanwhile, the single-channel or two-channel key phase measurement is optional. (Optional)

• 6000B/10 Eddy-current Module (Optional)
  It receives the signal from 1-4 eddy-current displacement sensors and is used for monitoring of mechanical parameters such as shaft vibration, shaft displacement, shaft eccentricity, differential expansion, etc.  

• 6000B/20 Vibration Module (Optional)
It receives the signal from vibrating sensors including acceleration sensor, velocity sensor, magnetoelectric sensor and low frequency sensor with any type of ICP. The module can convert acceleration signal into speed signal or convert speed signal into displacement signal. 

• 6000B/30 Temperature Monitoring Module 
  It can receive the signal from 1-4 RTD sensors. 

• 6000B/40 Relay Module
  It is a configurable relay module and realizes configuration setup of state parameters of all channels. Each relay module can be equipped with 20 relays at most. 

• 6000B/50 Speed Monitoring Module
  It can receive the signal from 1-4eddy-current sensors or magnetic sensors. Signal range: +12.0V-24.0V, the signal beyond the range is limited.

• 6000B/53 Overspeed Monitoring Module
  The overspeed protection module provides a highly reliable overspeed redundant monitoring system. The module can receive the signal from eddy-current sensor or magnetic sensor, performs comparison of alarm points and outputs more accurate status information. The overspeed protection module is a two-out-of three logic overspeed protection system.

• 6000B/60 Stroke Module
  It can receive 1-4 signal(s) and convert the signal from LVDT sensor into displacement signal and the signal from oil level sensor.

• 6000B/62 Process Amount Monitoring Module
  It is a 4-channel monitor, can receive standard analog signal (-10V~+10Vdc or 4~20mA) and is used for monitoring of key parameters of mechanical equipment such as pressure, flow, temperature, electrical level, etc. 


System Features

• Power module redundancy design
• LCD system configuration

• RS-485 Modbus RTU

• The standard multichannel module design

• Internal bus communication

• System configuration, software settings

Application Fields

The protection device is mainly applied to continuous and permanent monitoring of rotary and reciprocating machines in various industries and especially suitable for automatic stop protection with high reliability and usability. The machine types applicable to this system includes but not limited to:

• Air blower
• Compressor unit
• Steam turbine generator unit
• Reducer
• Hydraulic turbine-generator unit

• Gas turbine

• Fan
• Motor
• Gearbox
• Water pump

Note: The specific requirements should be provided for special model selection


System selction

Order No.


Framework 6000B/05-Axx

0 0   Default

Power  module    


 A: Power types (upper card slot)

0 1   90264VAC/4763Hz  

0 2   120370VDC

 B: Power types (lower card slot)

0 0   No power (The redundant power source is not required)    

0 1  90264VAC/47~63Hz  

0 2   120370VDC

Framework interface module 6000B/02S-Axx

A: System interface

0 1   Ethernet TCP/IP        

0 2   RS-485 Modbus RTU

0 3   Two-channel key phase input 

Eddy-current monitoring module 6000B/10-Axx

 A: I/O module type

0 0   Standard I/O module

Vibration module 


 A: Sensor type 

0 1   ZHJ-2 ZHJ-2vibration velocity sensor

0 2   ZHJ-2Dpiezoelectric velocity sensor

0 3   ZHJ-2G piezoelectric velocity sensor

0 4   ZHJ-3D low-frequency vibration sensor

Temperature monitoring module  


 A:I/O module type

0 1   RTD

0 2   TC

Relay module 


 A:I/O module type

0 0   Standard I/O module

Speed monitoring module 6000B/50-Axx

 A:I/O module type

0 0   Standard I/O module

Over speed monitoring system 6000B/53-Axx

 A:Channel options

0 3   Three-channel system

Stroke module

 A:I/O module type

0 0   Standard I/O module

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